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Bull City, a North Carolina-based nonprofit legal firm, champions accessible legal services for underserved communities. Our collaboration aimed to holistically elevate their brand identity, digital presence, and outreach efforts, ensuring they connect with those who need them most.

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The challenge at the heart of our project with Bull City was to establish a robust and distinctive brand identity that not only reflected their core values of professionalism, trustworthiness, and inclusivity but also differentiated them in a competitive legal market. Bull City needed a cohesive visual and communicative strategy to effectively convey their commitment to community service and client care. The primary obstacles included overcoming a lack of brand awareness and distinguishing Bull City from other legal firms that were already recognized in North Carolina.

Technologies Used

  • Web Development: React.js & Node.js
  • Design & UI/UX: Figma & Tailwind CSS
  • Client Management: Calendly, HubSpot
  • Legal Integrations: LawPay, Clio
  • Digital Marketing: Google & Meta Ads
  • Content Creation: Organic Social & Blogging


Building a Powerful Brand Identity

Our journey began by crafting a distinct brand identity that resonated deeply with Bull City's mission. Through collaborative research and discussions, we developed a visual language that embodied professionalism, trustworthiness, and inclusivity. This encompassed a carefully designed logo, a strategic color palette, and consistent typography guidelines. Each element served to solidify Bull City's commitment to serving its community.

With a strong foundation in place, we proceeded to create a comprehensive suite of branded assets. From business cards and letterheads to social media graphics and email templates, each piece reinforced Bull City's brand identity across all touchpoints. Consistency and cohesiveness were paramount, ensuring Bull City's message remained clear and recognizable.

User-Centric Website Development

The centerpiece of our collaboration was the development of a robust and user-friendly website. Our goal was to create a powerful online platform showcasing Bull City's services and expertise while facilitating effortless interaction for potential clients.

In-depth research into Bull City's target audience and their specific needs fueled our design process. This user-centric approach resulted in an intuitive website architecture that prioritized seamless navigation. The website's layout effortlessly guided visitors through Bull City's service offerings, legal resources, and client testimonials, empowering them to find the information they needed.

Beyond information, the website incorporated seamless integrations to streamline operations and client interactions. This included scheduling tools like Calendly for appointment booking, HubSpot for client management, LawPay for secure transactions, and Clio for efficient case management. These integrations not only boosted Bull City's internal efficiency but also provided a frictionless experience for clients seeking legal assistance.

Amplifying Outreach: A Multi-Channel Digital Marketing Strategy

To amplify Bull City's online presence and reach a broader audience, we implemented a comprehensive digital marketing strategy. A core component of this strategy utilized Bull City's access to Google nonprofit ad credits.

With a strategic budget allocation of $120,000, targeted advertising campaigns aimed at driving qualified leads and increasing consultation bookings from potential clients across North Carolina. We employed meticulous audience targeting, keyword optimization, and compelling ad creatives to maximize the impact of their budget and generate a steady stream of leads.

Content Strategy: Establishing Thought Leadership

To solidify Bull City as a legal authority, we implemented a content strategy centered on a blog authored by a qualified paralegal. This blog addressed legal matters relevant to North Carolina residents.

A combination of informative articles, how-to guides, case studies, and legal updates provided valuable resources for individuals seeking legal information and guidance. Addressing common legal questions and concerns not only offered assistance but also attracted organic traffic to Bull City's website.

Furthermore, the blog served as a powerful tool for building trust and establishing Bull City as a trusted resource within the legal domain. Consistent delivery of high-quality content fostered meaningful connections with the target audience, solidifying Bull City's position as a go-to resource for legal assistance in North Carolina.


The comprehensive suite of branded assets, alongside the newly developed, user-centric website, significantly enhanced Bull City's brand coherence and visibility. These changes were instrumental in unifying their messaging and visual identity across all platforms, which improved overall brand recognition. The integration of tools such as Calendly, HubSpot, LawPay, and Clio into their website infrastructure streamlined operations and enhanced client interaction, making it easier for clients to access legal services and for Bull City to manage these interactions efficiently. The digital marketing strategy and content initiatives broadened their reach, increasing engagement across their target audience in North Carolina. The enhanced online presence and cohesive branding solidified Bull City's commitment to professionalism and trust, further establishing their reputation within the community.

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