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Gumball Poodle

Gumball Poodle, a Los Angeles-based Shopify Plus merchant known for its quirky and eye-catching socks, desired to transform their online store into a conversion powerhouse. They sought a strategic partner to implement a data-driven approach, maximizing sales of their unique and expressive sock collections

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Gumball Poodle's Shopify Plus store faced challenges with low conversion rates and a user experience that did not effectively convert visitor interest into sales. Despite a unique product line, the website struggled with navigational difficulties and a lack of clear communication of the brand’s vibrant identity. These issues highlighted the need for a strategic overhaul to improve functionality and user engagement on their e-commerce platform.

Technologies Used

  • CRO Audit Framework
  • Heatmaps & User Session Recordings
  • Shopify Analytics & Conversion Tracking
  • Shopify Liquid


Drawing inspiration from successful CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) strategies, we embarked on a comprehensive optimization journey for Gumball Poodle's Shopify Plus store. This involved a multi-pronged approach:

  • In-Depth CRO Audit: We conducted a meticulous CRO audit to pinpoint areas for improvement. Heatmaps, user session recordings, and Shopify analytics provided valuable insights into user behavior and potential friction points hindering conversions.
  • Brand-Centric Design Optimization: The homepage and product pages were redesigned to better reflect Gumball Poodle's vibrant brand identity. Compelling visuals, clear value propositions, and engaging product descriptions resonated more effectively with their target audience.


  • Enhanced User Experience (UX): Navigation was streamlined, making it easier for customers to browse a vast array of sock collections. Search functionality was optimized, and intuitive product categorization ensured a seamless user journey from discovery to checkout.
  • Strategic A/B Testing: We conducted strategic A/B testing of various website elements, including calls to action, product page layouts, and checkout processes. This data-driven approach allowed us to identify the most effective configurations for driving conversions.
  • Custom Integrations: To elevate the shopping experience, we explored potential custom integrations. These could include features like wishlist functionality, personalized product recommendations, or a loyalty program to incentivize repeat purchases. (Specific integrations to be confirmed with Gumball Poodle)


Through meticulous CRO optimization and a deep understanding of Gumball Poodle's brand and target audience, we achieved a phenomenal 30% increase in conversion rates. This translates to a significant boost in sales and a wider audience discovering Gumball Poodle's unique sock collections. The optimized Shopify Plus store fosters a more engaging and user-friendly experience, solidifying Gumball Poodle's position as a leading purveyor of expressive footwear in Los Angeles.

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